Mission and Promise of Bob Gambone

Mission Statement

I am dedicated to coaching entrepreneur minded business professionals, in a face-to-face customized process, designed to improve their business lives and the lives of the people they touch.©

Statement of Values

  • I will coach my clients with a personalized approach geared towards their specific needs.
  • I will coach with an unconditional and nondiscriminatory passion.
  • I will keep my clients focused by being a great listener while at the same time identifying what they “need to do” vs. what they “want to do”.
  • I will provide effective continuous improvement through the feeding of information and will not “fire-hose” my clients.
  • I will develop a professional coaching relationship with my clients, founded in honesty, diversity and respect.
  • I will help my clients… “See the Vision…and Capture the Dream” ©


  • Coaching is 50% attitude, 50% wisdom, and 10% technique.
  • Coaches are not great players, coaches make their players great.
  • Coaches are not experts in your business, coaches are your business experts.
  • Coaches are the ‘keystone’ holding together the pillars of skill and desire, forming a “whole” that is greater than the sum of the parts. ©